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“Skolera is designed and created as a professional, user-friendly learning management system, both at the same time. What I like the most about it is that it helps the school get detailed reports on teachers and students. Also, the high-level technical support meets all the school’s needs.”


Dr. Souad Fateem
Education Consultant
Winner International School

“Having 3 comprehensive school management systems is what distinguishes Skolera. It has a learning management system (LMS) , a system to manage school financial and managerial matters (SMS), and a content management system (CMS). Besides, it is easy to use and provides perfect reports.”

thumb Dr. Malak Rasmy
General Manager
Nile International Schools

“In Skolera, we found what is beyond our expectations for managing all things related to school. It provides everything needed to manage school internal regulations, leaves and attendance, and personnel and students affairs. It also provides us with the ability to control curriculums of all levels and teachers.”


Dr. Amany Al-Far
Executive Manager
Egypt Educational Management Company

Best LMS: How Does Skolera Help You Easily Manage Your School?

Full control of employee affairs, including attendance, leaves and more.

Easily managed payroll, school fees, bus subscriptions and expenses.

Detailed financial and academic reports for school management staff.

Reduce paperwork costs and digitize all school managerial processes.

Help school management staff to easily follow up on teachers performance.

Easily create curriculums, homework, and tests and send them to students.

Motivating students using cutting-edge techniques through gamification.

Parents can easily follow up on their children at any time via mobile app.

Schools that Work with Skolera

Why Skolera Is the Ideal System to Manage Your School?

  • Contains 3 systems (learning management + students and staff affairs management + content management).
  • User-friendly interfaces for school management staff, supervisors, teachers, students, and parents.
  • Virtual classrooms and the latest teaching methods to keep up with the digital transformation of education.
  • Powerful grade book, deep results analysis, and detailed reports to measure students’ performance.
  • Native mobile app for teachers, students, and parents to facilitate using Skolera on phones and tablets.
  • Enhances communication among all parties of the learning process at school, anytime and anywhere.

“My experience with Skolera is very positive compared to the other systems I have used before. The gradebook and test creation are one of the best features of this system.”


Mr. Sherif El Gendy
Senior English Teacher
Glory American School

“Virtual and flipped classes in Skolera allow teachers to interact with students in a more active learning environment, where the students feel they are an essential part of the learning process. Through it, teachers are able to publish lessons beforehand, so that students can check and discuss them with their peers.”

thumb Ms. Nayera Selim
Head of Math Dept.,
Modern American School

“Skolera offers several features. It allows teachers to communicate among each other and with the school management, students, and their parents. It also gathers our work as teachers in one place. And it makes doing tasks easier, starting from making schedules to creating assignments and tests. Parents are also able to constantly follow up on their kids in classes.”


Ms. Rahma Sherif
Nile International School, Damietta Branch

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