Integrated Add-Ons

Skolera can integrate with several addons to provide a more comprehensive solution to a whole range of school and learning management needs. Enhance your school’s performance and workflow with a timetable generator, a question bank, and more!

Timetable Management

Simplify the complicated process of creating and managing timetables for the whole school. With ASC Timetables (which can also work as a standalone program), you can automatically generate timetables taking into account various conditions.
Simply enter the criteria for the timetables and the program will automatically generate it all for you. Save the headache and time of solving the yearly riddle of mixing and matching class and teacher schedules and let ASC Timetables handle it all for you. ASC Timetables can also adjust the timetables for any changes in staff, subjects, or any other changes to the conditions and criteria placed earlier.

ASC Timetable integrates with Skolera LMS
Question bank and integration with Skolera LMS

Question Bank

Keep and maintain a trove of questions for assessment. The Question Bank not only makes piecing together quizzes and tests that assess students effectively, but it also provides students with ample opportunities for practice and self-assessment. Enjoy a greater level of customizability and set limitations and restrictions on the use of the questions available.