All the Features You Need to Automate Your School In Skolera School Management System

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Manage Your School with Skolera All-In-One Solution

Student Information Management System

  • Registration/Admission Management
  • Student Categories Configuration
  • Student Records Management
  • Submission Form Customization
  • Online Applicant Registration
  • Parents Data Management
  • Siblings Configuration
  • Students Allocation to Classes
  • Students Allocation to Elective Subjects
  • Students Transfer between Classes
  • ID Cards Generation

School Communication & Collaboration System

  • Send Emails or SMS to Users
  • Set up Email and SMS Automatic Notifications
  • Create Forms and Templates
  • Staff and StudentsTask Management
  • Polls and Surveys Management
  • Complaints Management
  • News Management
  • Gallery Creation

Human Resource Management Software

  • Manage Employee Admission
  • Customizable Admission Form
  • Organize Your Workforce
  • Assign Academic Staff to Subjects and Classes
  • Manage Employee Attendance
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Employee Leave Groups
  • Create Payroll Categories
  • Employee Payslip Management
  • Employee Payroll Groups

School Finance Management System

  • Manage Fee Structure
  • Schedule Fee Collections
  • Generate Fee Invoices
  • Record Fee Collections
  • SPrint Fee Receipts
  • Manage Employees Payslips
  • Create Finance Categories
  • Record Finance Transactions
  • Manage Fee Refunds

It's Time to Transform the Way You Manage Your School with the Most Effective All-in-One School Management System!

School Reporting System

  • Course and Class Reports
  • Student Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Student Fee Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • Finance Reports
  • Bus Transportation Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Custom Reports

Library Management Software

  • Manage All Book Details
  • Create an Inventory of Books Available
  • Assign Tags to Books
  • Generate Records of Issued, Renewed, and Returned books

Bus/Transport Management Software

  • Set up New Routes and Stops
  • Assign Vehicles to Routes
  • Eliminate Redundant Routes
  • Assign Drivers, Employees, and Students to Buses
  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance Schedule
  • Manage Transport Fee Collection

School Inventory Management System

  • Create Store Categories and Types
  • Create Store Item Categories
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Raise Indents