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Super power all your people, from one place with Skolera LMS for schools. Maximum student learning. Unique teaching experience. Effective management & support. Automating all school processes? You came to the right place

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Manage Your School with Skolera LMS for Schools: All-In-One Solution

Smart Course Control

Teachers can create the curriculum content, assignments and quizzes and assign them to all classes in the same course in one step.

Student Badges and Rewards

Motivate students to work hard with badges that acknowledge their achievements.

Live Feeds

Parents can follow up on their children’s progress, the latest school activities and announcements, and receive important notifications.

School Management

The School Management System allows easier control and management of fee collections, payroll, leaves and much more.

Complete Solution for School Management

Whether it’s student or employee records, fees, payroll, leaves or transportation, Skolera LMS for schools provides a complete solution for your school’s management needs in one online platform.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Technology has advanced to allow a much more enhanced and improved learning experience. Skolera’s school LMS platform enhances that experience by providing teachers, students, and parents with a more effective and productive means of collaboration, communication, and supervision.

User Friendly Interface and Functions

Skolera’s Learning Management System, the best LMS system for schools, has been designed by professionals in the fields of education and psychology for a greater level of user-friendliness and better interaction.

Some of Our Clients 

Students using LMS at school

Skolera was created and developed in a real educational environment that made it so sophisticated to look professional and so simple to give the best user experience. It’s genuinely easy, reliable, and attractive.

Mrs. Gihan Holayel - School Principal (Riada American School)

Skolera’s School LMS: Unified Solution for Your School

The modern toolbox for a better educational experience with the best LMS for schools

Student Affairs

Register students, store and maintain academic and behavior records, and manage student tuitions and fees.


Manage and collect fees and tuition, record and pay salaries and expenses, and generate financial documents and reports.

School Services

Easily handle everything regarding transportation, school library and the inventory.

Timetable Management

Create your school’s timetable easily and within minutes.

Human Resources

Monitor employee and teacher performance and manage leaves, pay slips, attendance and more.

Stay Connected

With instant messaging, students, teachers, and parents can always communicate.

Find out how Skolera LMS platform for schools can transform the way you manage your school

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Our Latest Rewards

SSee how Skolera LMS for schools enhances the educational process

Skolera LMS for schools provides a complete solution for all your teaching and school management needs. Discover some of the ways Skolera’s school LMS makes operating your school more enjoyable and effective.

The Head of Department’s course planner lets you structure the curriculum teaching schedule in a matter of minutes.

The teacher’s dashboard smartly displays academic progress to help stay on track. And the centralized course view makes it easy for teachers to manage content, assignments and quizzes

Workload, to-do lists and notifications help students manage time efficiently. Parents have supervisory access to their children’s work and academic progress.

  • Dr. Suad Fateem - Winner International School

    Dr. Suad Fateem

    Educational Consultant
    Winners International School

    “It was really built and designed to be very professional but yet so slick,The platform helps school to generate efficient reports on teachers and students. The technical support is up to the classy level to address all school's needs. ”.

  • Mrs. Rasha Mousa - Glory American School

    Mrs. Gihan Holayel

    School Principal
    Riada American School

    "Skolera was created and developed in a real educational environment that made it so sophisticated to look professional and so simple to give the best user experience. It’s genuinely easy, reliable, and attractive."

  • Riada American School Logo

    Mrs. Shaimaa Mousa

    Head of Department
    (Glory American School)

    "Excellent system and excellent design, it's the best of all after trying so many systems"

  • Mr. Sherif Genidy - Glory American School

    Mr. Sherif Genidy

    Senior English Teacher
    Glory American School

    "My experience with Skolera is absolutely positive, compared with the other programs I’ve used before. The gradebook, assignments, and quizzing are some of the highlights in Skolera"

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