Quick Creation and Planning

Create and upload quizzes, assignments and course content quickly and easily. With “Quick Create” icons, it’s only a matter of a few clicks until you have something ready for the whole class.

Quick creation of quizzes by Skoler LMS
Teacher dashboard in Skolera LMS

Intuitive Dashboard Design

Everything you need is presented to you in a simple and logical way. With one-click task buttons for your most frequently needed tasks, and with reports and statistics at your disposal, effective teaching has become so much easier.

Stats and Reports at your Fingertips

Statistics and reports on various aspects of your students’ performance are always available to you. Gain a better picture on your class(es)’s progress based on attendance, behavior, and more!
LMS reporting interface for teachers
Time management schedules for teachers

Better Time Management

Skolera’s calendar is a truly integrated solution for better time management and planning. Whether you’re scheduling quizzes, setting assignment deadlines, or setting dates for other school-related activities, your tasks will become prioritized, notifications will be sent, and students and parents will also be notified of relevant events and due dates.

Effective Parental Engagement

Skolera allows for constant parental engagement without the need for parent-teacher meetings or phone calls. Teachers can send messages, behavior reports, grades, memos and more to parents so they can always be up to date with their child’s performance and progress. 
Communication between parents and teachers