Gamifying Education

Motivating students to truly participate in the learning process and excel is crucial to enhance and improve their performance. That is why we have gamified the platform with motivational badges that students strive to attain. 

LMS gamification - student badges
User-friendly LMS interface for students

User-Friendly Interface

 A Learning Management System (LMS) should be designed to make life easier and less difficult for those who use it, especially for students. Skolera has been designed not only to appeal to students, but also be truly practical and provide them with everything they need when they need it and in a way that is easy to use and understand. 

Workload Management Made Easy

 Sometimes keeping up with all the assignments, quizzes, events, and projects is strenuous and demanding for students. Skolera makes life easier for students with its Workload feature, outlining all the tasks, activities, and events that are coming up in a clear and easy-to-understand design. 
Illustration of student do homework via LMS
Student monitor their progress using Skolera

Watch Your Progress

 Students will be able to monitor their progress throughout the year. Students will no longer need to contact teachers and ask them to extract data to inform them of their progress. All the information they need to know about their academic performance will always be available on Skolera for them! 

Course Outline

 Students can now know what their previous, current, and upcoming syllabus looks like for each unit or lesson. Hard-working students who love to get a glimpse ahead will now be able to see what to expect, not only in the upcoming lesson, but also in the lessons to come through the rest of the year! Information on everything that was already covered will also be available for easier access and review. 
Course outline for students in Skolera LMS
Communication between teachers and students

Ask a Teacher

 Skolera’s messaging feature allows students to ask teachers questions at any time, allowing for a better understanding of the material taught both in and out of school hours. Teachers can also send group messages to the entire class.