Streamlined and Integrated Learning

Skolera provides the proper modern environment for a streamlined and integrated learning experience. 
  • Teachers will be able to set up assignments, assess students via online quizzes, and communicate with parents and students.
  • Students will be able to upload assignments right away, complete online quizzes, and download beneficial resources and material.
  • Parents will be able to follow up on their child’s progress and performance, as well as school news and events.
  • Heads of the departments will be able set the curriculum and ensure that everything is going according to the schedule and plan.

User Focused Design

Skolera was designed with each user type in mind. We created the platform for teachers, students, parents and heads of the departments so that everything they need is presented in a simple and seamless way.

Integrated with School Management System (SMS)

Skolera is designed to allow for easy integration between its learning management system (LMS) platform and its school management system (SMS) platform for easier and more productive management for all your school’s operations. It is also built to be able to integrate with add-ons and extensions. 

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Reporting and Monitoring

Skolera offers great analytical tools and can generate useful and beneficial reports. Its system-logging function documents everything, allowing for monitoring and revision of previous interactions at anytime.

Interaction Beyond the Curriculum

School activities do not only revolve around the classroom and the material being taught. Extracurricular activities, interests, and peer interaction are all essential aspects of the learning experience, too. 

Skolera has recognized the importance of all those aspects and has also created a feature called ‘zones’ through which students,teachers and parents can take part in extracurricular activities. 

We’ve also transferred the good old ‘teacher’s lounge’ onto our platform and called it the Teacher’s Hub. 


As the field of education advances, and as educational technology advances with it, Skolera will continue to develop with more tools and features.

We plan on adding a fully featured mobile app, an intelligent assistant, integration capabilities with plugins and extensions, and tools and features that will allow a more personalized learning experience.