School Finance Management System

Easily Manage and Automate All Your School’s Financial Transactions.

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Features of School Finance Management System

Manage Fee Structure

Skolera allows you to set up your student fee structure and apply fee particulars, discounts, and fines to entire batches or particular students.

Schedule Fee Collections

You can schedule fee collections for different fee categories. Skolera SMS can generate automatic reminders for fee submissions to be sent to parents by e-mail or mobile SMS.

Generate Fee Invoices

It is always a good idea to inform parents of the amounts due, the expected dates for payment and outstanding balance. The best way to do this is by generating payment invoices.

Record Fee Collections

It is essential to record all payments made by students. Skolera SMS allows you to record payments on the spot, so you maintain updated records.

Print Fee Receipts

When parents pay the fees, you need to provide them with a receipt. You can directly print the receipts or view them as PDF files, which can then be sent electronically to the parents.

Manage Fee Refunds

An employee with the right permission can reverse a transaction or even issue a refund. In both cases, the date, user, and the reason for reversing or refunding are recorded.

Create Finance Categories

Skolera SMS allows you to create your own finance categories to record income and expenses. This way you can have a level of control that provides enough information on your main cost centers.

Manage Employees Payslips

Payslips are generated from the system, usually by the HR department, and then sent to the finance department to review and approve.

Record Finance Transactions

All money coming in or going out of the school should be recorded and accounted for. Transactions that are not part of the usual student fees or employee salaries are recorded as finance transactions and assigned to finance categories.

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