School Inventory Management System

One platform to manage and track all school inventories, perform real-time asset tracking, maintain suppliers’ details, and generate purchase orders.

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Create Store Categories and Types

Create Store Item Categories

Manage Suppliers

Generate Purchase orders

Raise Indents

All-in-One School Inventory Tracking Software

Schools can easily create multiple store types, place them under different categories, and use them for keeping track of different items.

School stores creation in the inventory management system

Schools can create store item categories and assign them under those categories. This makes it much easier to keep track of items and find them whenever needed.

School store item category - inventory tracking system

Schools can easily create different suppliers and indicate their types. All information about suppliers such as contact number, help desk number, and address can be added in seconds.

Skolera system - school suppliers management

With the Skolera Inventory Management System, schools can generate purchase orders and goods received notes (GRN). This helps keep track of items coming in and out of stores and indicates the use of these resources.

School purchase order generation dashboard

A privileged employee can raise indents whenever items are required, to be sent then to his direct manager for approval. Once approved, the items can be issued and dispensed from the store and are recorded under the employee’s name.

It’s Time to Manage and Track All Your School Inventories from One Platform!