Skolera SMS

Skolera offers schools the ultimate solution for all their managerial and administrative tasks and operations. The School Management System (SMS) platform in Skolera provides schools with numerous options to manage student affairs, human resources management, financial management, school services, and more!

Skolera LMS integrated with SMS
School management system - HR section

Human Resources Management

With Skolera , you can effectively and efficiently manage employee data. Skolera allows you to assign employees to their respective departments, register employee attendance and time, issue payslips, and much more! You can also view and print employee-related reports. 

Student Affairs

All the student-related data is available to you at your fingertips with Skolera . Access attendance and behavior data. Assign students to their respective classes. Collect and manage tuitions and fees. Skolera offers an abundance of solutions for easier and more effective management of student records and data. 
Student affairs in school management system
Financial management system of the school

Financial Management

Create a more efficient and organized workflow for your school’s finances. Skolera provides a secure and simple payment collection system, allows you to issue payslips and purchase orders, and helps with calculating costs and setting up budgets. Skolera also creates a variety of financial statements and reports whenever you need them. 

School Services

From operating school transportation to managing suppliers and library book records, Skolera helps you manage more of your school beyond the academic aspects, financial records, and human resources. Maintain records of your transportation routes and vehicles and collect transportation fees. Keep and maintain an updated inventory of all your supplies and books. Do much more with enhanced efficiency and ease.

School services management system
Illustration of communication channels in school

Better Communication

Skolera provides you with the means to communicate more openly, effectively, and efficiently with parents, students, staff, and other stakeholders. Publish news and events, send emails to individuals or groups, notify people via SMS, create discussion boards and forums, set up polls, or publish blogs! Skolera allows you to communicate with everyone and anyone the way you want to.